UWP (ARM) Library

I’m playing around with Windows IoT on RPi’s, and these get deployed headless most of the time… So it’d be great if there’d be a coderr library available for it :innocent:

Haven’t really looked into the source of the libraries, if you think it’s manageable to compile for UWP/ARM I’d be willing to have a go at it.

Do you mean UWP (UI) for .NET Core?

No it’s based on Windows IoT, which in turn runs ‘regular’ .NET UWP apps compiled for ARM.

However, there haven’t been updates to Windows IoT in ages, they’re not even fully supporting the rpi 3b+ let alone the new 4, so I don’t think this is worth your time anymore.

I’ll have to switch to .NET Core on Linux (Raspian, Debian based). Would Coderr work on that config?