RC2 usage / bugs


Just installed the shiny new RC2, everything went smooth. However, I can’t seem to get app-specific incidents to show.

I go to Analyze, select the application I want, but I still get incidents from all application in the drop down menu. Something I’m missing? Discover filters nicely.


y-axis on the discover page still missing:


Everything works very, very snappy… Well done! So fast :slight_smile:


Welcome back! You have been missed :slight_smile: Hope you are doing OK.

We have released a rc2. But hang on and let me see if those things have been fixed in it.


Cheers :slight_smile: I’m fine.

Sorry, I have been using rc2, updated the title to reflect that.


Update: both bugs appear to be firefox related… When I use Chrome, it works fine.


Some would-be-nices:

  • Search -> sorting is nice, but I can’t sort on creation date
  • Search -> check/uncheck all

The popups indicating where to go next are great. Also, the popup form where you close an incident is great - very smooth and fast, much better than V1’s dedicated page. Nicely done :slight_smile:


[scratch this, local internet at fault]


Hm there’s one bug that’s happening in Chrome as well. When I go to Analyze, the dropdown list doesn’t always get refreshed. For instance, when I’ve selected an application, it shows the incident list. When I select ‘all applications’, it still shows the same list. Then I hit refresh, and the list shows all incidents as expected. Then I can select an application, and it shows the correct list for that application.

This is one example I can reproduce, but I have a feeling there are more combinations in which the dropdown doesn’t get refreshed completely. Maybe something you can look into :slight_smile:


How’s tricks? Everyone on vacation? :slight_smile:

Just checking in to say my day to day workflow on coderr is going smooth. Only annoying bugs:

  • I have to CTRL+F5 refresh the page after assigning a bug to me, otherwise it won’t show up in the dropdown menu
  • More of a feature req; I’d love a ‘select all’ button on discover -> search -> incidents.

Looking forward to RC3 and/or release!


Oh and what would be really great, but I realize is a lot of work; grouping projects together.

For instance, we have a few platforms with a lot of projects within them, which we now add as ‘Plaform - Application’. This works OK, but if we could group them, the dropdown would be much cleaner as we could just open the platfom and have the applications fold out as a submenu.


Implemented in next release


theres now a checkbox to check on on the active page.


Added to the todo for Live/Premise.