Post #3 Overview and Analyze


As pointed out in my reply to Post #1, we have organized the Coderr functions around what we think you are likely to want to do there and then. This means a cleaner interface in the Discover and Analyze views, respectively.

The Discover area is meant to give you a snapshot of the latest errors with a graphical display for a quick view. You can detect how many errors have been generated before finding more details and prioritizing. The Analyze view contains context information for the errors that have been assigned to you. Here, you will decide what course of action to take next. To help further, we have updated and made the documentation clearer on how to work with the errors. Please look at

Again, we would love some feedback on your take on how we organized things. Anything is fine, but here are some questions that we have in mind:

  • Are the way things are organized now better than before and fit how you would like to work?
  • Is Discover and Analyze self-explanatory or how could it be clearer?
  • Do you think there is enough advice on how to work with the different features and how to get the most out them? If no, what would you like to see and how (document, Q/A, short video)?

You can give your thoughts here or on the forum or send us an email We will not post any questions you might have identifying the sender.

Thank you for wanting to try our new version of Coderr Community Server,

  The Coderr Team