Post #2 Getting started and installing Coderr Community Server


If you have not received a download link, please email us.

Your first action after downloading will be to install Coderr Community Server. The installations instructions are found here, and follow similar steps in previous versions. Should you encounter any problem during the process, please email us so we can assist you.

The instructions and the guide take you through some steps until completion. During the latter part of the installation, we have added a couple ways for Coderr to assist you and collecting anonymous data.

When you have completed the installation, please come back here and provide some feedback on your experience. Here are some questions that might get you going:

  • How did you think the information has been up to this point from finding out we were going to run a Beta program?
  • What do you think about us running a Beta program to get your feedback and ultimately to improve Coderr?
  • Is there anything in the installation procedure that is not straightforward or could be improved?
    As always, you can give your thoughts here or on the forum or send us an email. We will not post any questions identifying the sender.

Thank you for wanting to try our new version of Coderr Community Server,

  The Coderr Team


I’ve just completed an update routine on our coderr instance (after a complete backup ofcourse).

Worked quite well following the steps. Only one thing: the manual states that I should copy the entire connection string, but this resulted in an app crash. I had to remove the last ‘providerName’ section. Not part of the connection string, I know, but not immidiately clear that you don’t want that copied.

In regards of the bullet points:

  • I got personally informed of the beta program, but it only became clear that I could enter it through the discussion board because I’m registered to receive updates. Through the newsletter, I got the impression that only the Live version is getting beta access - not the opensource variant.

  • Great idea, can’t debug everything through unit tests and coders tend to get blind to their own bugs, since they know where to click and what to do :slight_smile:

  • The installation process of V1 had some quirks, I’ll install this one later in a VM to see how clean installation goes, but the upgrade was fine. It’s OK to not make a completely automated installer in my opinion, since it’s server software that’s used in IT savvy environments anyway.

Alright, I’ll get to toying with it!


Great! Thanks for the feedback. I’ll make the upgrade guide more clear regarding the connection string.

Would be awesome if you could try a clean install too.


A client crashed with the following error:

I’ve copied the ‘ConfigurationKey’ value from the old Web.config to the ‘Password’ variable in appsettings.json, but is that indeed the reason for this?

Edit: I highly doubt it since other applications have been sending in errors just fine.


I’ve found issue. Corrected in the next beta.


Do you have an eta on that, or perhaps a hotfix? I had to revert to the previous version because of it. Also, my apps crash on either that or ‘unable to connect’ when I disable the coderr site. What’s the cleanest way to catch coderr errors and avoid hard crashes?


I can release it today.

We always recommend that you do this in production:

Err.Configuration.ThrowExceptions = false;

Exceptions in the client library is great when you configure it, but not so great in production.

Take a look at our “reporting errors page”:


Neat, thanks. Yea agreed. I’ve only been running on staging environments so no big deal but that can’t happen when going live. I’ll implement the config.

The old version suffices for now so no rush :slight_smile: