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I have tried to contact support but never heard back so i’ll try to post my problem here:
About a month ago i have stopped seeing incident reports list on server webpage.
I’m still getting notifications on email about incidents, i can see the report when i click the link from email, but the main list of incidents for the application show nothing. I’m running Coderr Community Server, and it is the latest version, i think, i don’t know where to check it i coudn’t find it on the server webpage anywhere. Is there anything i can do to make it work again?
Thanks for help.



I apologize that you have not got an answer. I cannot find your email. Feel free to continue the discussion here or by sending a new email.

The latest version is v2.0rc01. Can you confirm that you are running it?
Can you modify the log path in log4net.config and make sure that the iis app pool (typicallu IIS AppPool\DefaultAppPool) has write permissions to it?

Then look for errors in it.


Hello Jonas,
Thanks for quick replay.

I thing IIS is saving error logs corectly. I have attached couple of latest logs files.

Can you tell where i can check version i’m running?


I don’t see any attachments.

Regarding the version, double-click on Coderr.Server.Web.dll, properties and then the details tab.


I’m having version
Should i try to update to newer version?


Yes please. Version 2.0 have a brand new design and the core is rewritten.
Find details here:

Upgrade instructions:


Did you have a change to try 2.0? Does it work?


Hello Jonas
Yes i have tried but I couldn’t make new version work at all. I have installed the prerequisites: .NET Core Runtime 2.0.6, followed upgrade instructions, copied connection string etc. but now the app won’t start, i’m getting: “HTTP Error 502.5 - Process Failure” error.

This is my appsettings.json file:


“Installation”: {

“IsConfigured”: true

“Password”: “changeThis”

} ,

“ConnectionStrings”: {

“Db”: “Data Source=;Initial Catalog=OneTrueError;Connect Timeout=30;multipleactiveresultsets=true; User ID=; Password=


“Logging”: {

“IncludeScopes”: false,

“Debug”: {

“LogLevel”: {

“Default”: “Warning”



“Console”: {

“LogLevel”: {

“Default”: “Warning”





Coderr.Web.log file just shows:

2018-05-24 09:15:31,894 [1] INFO Coderr.Server.Web.Program Started from path C:\inetpub\CodeRR\log4net.config

2018-05-24 09:15:34,795 [1] INFO Coderr.Server.Web.Program Started from path C:\inetpub\CodeRR\log4net.config

2018-05-24 09:17:18,771 [1] INFO Coderr.Server.Web.Program Started from path C:\inetpub\CodeRR\log4net.config

Coderr.Web.Errors.log is empty

HTTP Error 502.5 - Process Failure


No. NET Core Hosting Bundle.


Yes, that’s what i have installed just like it was describied in instalation instructions:

  • Click on a .NET Runtime, for instance .NET Core Runtime 2.0.6
  • Find the “Hosting Bundle Installer” under “Windows”
  • Download and install it.


Ok. Other users had just installed .NET Core runtime. I had to make sure.

502 is typically an ASP.NET core error. Can you activate error logging the web.config and change the log path?

stdoutLogEnabled="true" stdoutLogFile="c:\logs\stdout"

(and make sure that the iis app pool have write permissions)


were you able to solve this?


nope, incidents are still invisible.

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