New beta releases


Changes in beta 02

  • Being able to assign multiple incidents to oneself on the search page [implemented]
  • Being able to sort incidents in the search view [implemented]
  • More robust report receiver (one Read from the stream might not get all) [implemented]
  • Document better regarding the connectionString in upgrades [implemented]
  • Make sure that the Y scale is visible [Not implemented, FF only looks like a bug in Chartist.js]

Changes in beta 03

  • Keep the chosen application when navigating different pages. [implemented]
  • Honor the chosen application in search [implemented]
  • Filter myincidents according to chosen application. [implemented]

Changes in beta 04

  • Doesn’t work to change incident in the analyze menu [implemented]


Wow that got implemented fast, thanks! Works great. The Y scale is visible when focussed on one application, but not in the ‘all applications’ view so that’s fine for me. Indeed using FF.


The ‘configure your application’ page shows the following:

Not pressing for me since it’s already configured and I was just looking around.


When going from Discover to the Analyze section, I can’t select a specific application there, it just stays on ‘all applications’. I also can’t click on an incident, it just shows a grey page (see screenshot below). However, when I click on an incident under ‘my incidents’ in Discover, it works just fine.

Nice to be able to sort incidents, a ‘created’ column sort there would be nice to have.

I’ll post my findings on the UI in your other post later today, these are just some quick bugs/pointers. Thanks again for your hard work :slight_smile:


Try again and it should work. It’s when our website is not running (i’m trying to figure out how to get sites in Azure to be always on).


Jep, works now. Hm thought they had an ‘always on’ mode? Though from what I recall only in certain plans, not all of them.


Another bug so it seems. When I go into an application, then ‘Search’, the application is still selected as shown in the top-left menu. However incidents of other apps are shown as well, and when I click them, the system indeed switches to the other application.


have been corrected. New release tomorrow


Related to the other one. have also been corrected.


Awesome :slight_smile: It’ll be Kingsday here in NL so I won’t be in so no feedback 'till Monday probably. Have a nice weekend!


Experience keeps getting smoother, nice. But, sorry, I seem to have found another bug - when in the ‘Analyze’ view, I can’t use the dropdown to select another incident. Happens in FF and Chrome. Selecting the incident directly from ‘My incidents’ still works.


Just released Beta 04 where it has been fixed.


Beta 06 is released: