Feature Requests


Hey, is it okay to put feature requests here on the forum?

So far, from me:

  1. On the Search page in Discover mode, can we get a “All” option for Incident State? We may not know immediately if it’s an assigned, or unassigned issue if we’re looking for it after an end-user report.

  2. When you click into an incident, there is no way to directly access the detailed version of the report.
    The first time into an unassigned item you can assign it to yourself, and then get the details, but if you go to an already assigned issue from search, there is no way to get to the full details from there (as in, the part where you can access the context collections)

  3. On the Analyse/details page for an incident, the stack trace is great as the landing/default details, but in web applications, it’s often not very useful (Most WebExceptions are in the InnerException inside the HTTPWebException) – Is it possible to mark the Application as a WebApplication, and have that perhaps default to using the InnerException.StackTrace and/or InnerException.Message if it’s available?

  4. This might be a big ask, but in the errorProvider, is it possible to get an ID back for the error that has occurred, that is unique to that report? Ideally, I’d like to display it to the user. While this type of reporting will allow us to proactively catch and fix issues as they happen, there will no doubt be many cases when a user will get an error, screen capture the error page, and report it to us via our ticketing system. Ideally, I’d love that error page to be able to contain a unique ID number for that incident, so that if we get that type of ticket in, we can use the search/ID to immediately find the matching exception details for the specific event that user is reporting.

Hope that’s okay to put these out there. Just ideas anyway, loving the product so far!