Coderr.Client nuget giving error on launch


I’m using coderr to monitor exceptions on server software. However, today, after rolling out a new version, coderr keeps crashing as soon as the (console app) server gets launched.

I did update coderr.client to the latest version, however downgrading didn’t help. Changing the .NET version on the software didn’t help either. I have an old version running now, but I need to launch this new version asap.

The weird thing is, it runs on another machine. It’s supposed to run Windows Server 2012r2, and appears to work on Windows 10.

Any idea?



I added the typename in the bottom row. Line 40 that’s being referred to is the basic initialisation code:

var url = new Uri("");

The type initializer for ‘codeRR.Client.Err’ threw an exception

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However. Looks like you must update The assembly bindings in your config filé after upgrading. Your dev machine probably have The correct bindings in its config.


did you get it working?


Yes, purring like a kitten, thanks.


New or old version of the lib?


Latest version; 1.0.20