Coderr is shutting down 2022-12-31

Don't let bugs stand in your way of success

With Coderr, you will spend less time on error management and more on building your product, with happier end users as a result!

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Coderr brings out the best of any product.

Create effective teams

Coderr uses a standardized and data driven approach to error management which makes your team more effective.

Get more time for development

Coderr minimizes the time required to manage errors. Focus on building new competitive features instead.

Better user experience

Fixing the errors that affect many users first increases the average user satisfaction.

Increased transparency

Users are frequently forgotten when they experience errors, making a poor experience even worse. Coderr keeps them in the loop through all steps in the process.

Build trust

Applications with a short mean time from an error surfacing to being corrected build trust.

Fix the right error

Coderr helps you make smart decisions by prioritizing and escalating errors based on actual business impact.

Make smarter decisions

Coderr insights let you make data-driven decisions based on how well your team has managed errors during the last year.

Discover trends, business impact, and effectiveness using our fully customizable graphs.

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Automate your error management

Let Coderr discover, analyze and prioritize your errors.

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